About Us

I’m Kristin. I’m originally from New Jersey and transplanted myself to Texas about four years ago. I’m still a Jersey girl at heart but have fallen in love with Texas. My love of creating things has been something I have had since I was a little girl! From baking with my grandmother to creating costumes and fun DIY things to pass the time.

When I am not working on {i before e} etc., I work full time in fundraising for a nonprofit organization. I love the idea of helping others through my actions, which is why {i before e} etc. is so special to me! I get to join my love of creating and my love of helping others into one passion.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching TV, traveling and any and all things Disney!

Hi, I’m Kristen! I’m a Texas girl, born and raised, and although I curse the blazing hot summers, I love it here. I work as a Registered Behavior Therapist with kiddos on the autism spectrum, which I love – it is incredibly fulfilling and inspiring.When I’m not at my Big Girl Job, {i before e} etc. is my happy place – I find peace in being able to craft, bake, and create, and I love that our creations bring happiness to others! In my spare time, I also book Disney vacations as an independent contractor travel agent. As I’ve gotten older, traveling has become a passion of mine, and I enjoy making magic happen for families looking to experience Disney!

Let us just get a few FAQs out of the way:

  • Yes, we’re both named Krist-i/e-n
  • No, it’s not confusing to us
  • {i before e} came from the difference in our names – KristIn and KristEn. Kristin is older; therefore {i before e}. The “etc.” got thrown in there after we expanded from creating just cupcakes to, well, pretty much anything.

We are two friends turned sisters-at-heart. We were originally brought together through our love of television and our disdain for headbands that won’t stay on our heads. (Oddly enough, we don’t make or sell headbands – go figure.)

Our little shop started as a cross country dream. Kristin was working in sports in New Jersey, and Kristen was teaching preschool in Texas. We came up with flavors and kooky names for cupcakes, imagined what our store front would be like, and baked in our free time.

The dream became more of a reality when Kristin moved to Texas in 2013, and we began regularly providing cupcakes and cakes for birthdays and celebrations. We hope you like our collection of custom handmade products. Thank you for supporting our small shop.